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Today Studio Tobac’s Jose Oliva announced that The Studio will make a cigar for The Padilla Cigars Company.  The cigar will be a full bodied, Nicaraguan puro.  It will be a figurado shape grown from Habano seed.  Production will be strictly limited to 1000 boxes of 10 cigars each […]

“I’ve closely watched Studio Tobac’s work for the last few years; going all the way back to the launch of Nub in 2008” said Ernesto Padilla. “I’ve been very impressed with Nub, Cain, and Studio Tobac’s general ability to bring real, lasting innovation to the premium cigar industry.”

Studio Tobac’s Jose Oliva commented: “Ernie Padilla approaced the Studio Tobac Executive Board to collaborate on a limited release Nicaraguan Habano.  After much deliberation, The Board approved the release of a figurado limited to 10,000 cigars.”

Oliva continued “I’m excited to work with Padilla.  I consider him to be one of the pioneers of the full-bodied, Cuban style cigar.  Padilla has shown the same type of innovation that is prevalent at Studio Tobac.”

Studio Tobac’s John Gazerro states “Even though we’ve existed for the last few years, Studio Tobac just became know to the public; so we’re very protective of the brand.  This type of joint venture isn’t something we take lightly, and we’re not getting in the business of making private label cigars for anyone.  Working with Ernie (Padilla) makes sense because he has been a friend of Studio Tobac for years.  Ernie assured us that he will treat this project with integrity and respect.”  Gazerro added: “We’ve got some interesting ideas for the blend.  I’m sure Padilla does, too.  I’m excited to smoke the cigars.  They should be pretty damn good.”

Prototypes of the Studio Tobac/Padilla cigars will be presented to the Studio Tobac Executive Board as soon as April.  Once a final blend is chosen, the goal is to have the cigars released by August of 2011.  Expect pricing to be about $14 per stick.  As with all Studio Tobac brands, the cigars will be maufactured by The Oliva Family Of Cigars.  For this project only, distribution will be handled by The Padilla Cigars Company.

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