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  1. Kevin Anderson
      / Reply

    I have been smoking Cains F for the past 18 months and I find this a great cigar very close if not better than most Havana’s, i.e. Cubans. I like a very strong and bold smoke and this is it! Please do not change up on me as most cigar manufacturers has done in the past. I inhale my cigars, the stronger the better. Although, I do have one request, suggestion; Will Cain ever consider rolling the old style Diplomatica old style cigar of the 19 Century. I do believe it will be a great success. The cigar is tapered both end of the cigar. Thank you for making a strong cigars for those who like to inhale and enjoy a strong smoke. Your friend for life! Kevin Anderson

  2. paul chan
      / Reply

    double maduro..460.. about 2 years ago you had this line of cigars.. any reason why there is no more production on this fabulous cigar? been trying to find another box

    big fan of nUb

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