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Custom STUDIO TOBAC Cutter for the 2011 Tour

Anticipated for the upcoming 2011 STUDIO TOBAC tour, we are raffling away at every event, one Custom STUDIO TOBAC Scrimshawed Xikar Xi3 cutter body made by¬†Rick “HutcH” Hutchings.

Biography on Rick “HutcH” Hutchings

I have been a pen and ink artist and cigar smoker all my adult life, and started doing scrimshaw art in 1994. Scrimshaw is an American art form  is credited with starting. In the 18th century sailors on whaling ships began making gifts for loved ones by scratching designs on whale teeth and bones and would then rub lamp black into the scratches to show the image. I scrim in a semi traditional style using a carbide needle and acrylic inks. I use 10,000-year-old mammoth ivory tusk and other handle materials. My love for cigars and scrimshaw were combined in 2002 when I started doing scrimshaw artwork on XIKAR knives. When I found out they made cigar cutters I told them I was putting mammoth ivory and scrimshaw on my cutter. Scott at Xikar told me if you’re making one for you make one for us. Well the mammoth ivory bark and mammoth scrimshaw cutters are pretty well recognized in the cigar community now. I just made cutter number 620 and already completed a 250 cutter and knife sets. Kurt and Scott at XIKAR have given me a wonderful window into the cigar industry and let me follow my creative yearnings.
I have gotten to work with so many of the cigar families. Jose and the rest of the OLIVA family always made you feel welcome and Bert is a gentleman that any industry would be proud to have.
At the 2010 IPCPR show I was featuring the Skull cigar cutter I made for Sly Stallone as a wrap gift for the movie “THE EXPENDABLES”. I had done the scrimshaw art on the bowie knife that Dolph Lungrin carries in the movie at the request of Gil Hibben the knife maker and thought Stallone might like a special cutter. He sent a note saying he loved the Skull cutter and that Arnold Schwarzenegger was jealous. I had a large assortment of scrimshaw cutters on display. ¬†¬†Ian Hummel of OLIVA talked to me at the show about scrimshaw and handle materials. I got a call from Ian this fall and was asked to design a custom cutter for STUDIO TOBAC. The tattoo style leaf and logo were naturals for scrimshaw on a cutter. I hope anyone that gets one of these cutters will appreciate the fact that each and every one will be hand made by me. From the carved handle with scrimshaw, down to the hand sewn leather pouch.

I’m 57 and live in Louisville, Kentucky and I am just finishing a new scrimshaw studio and workshop. I owe my chance to pursue my art to my wife Julie and my children Emily, Kait, and Kyle. If you have questions about scrimshaw or custom cigar cutters please contact me or call at 502-836-2871. I will have a website up after the first of the 2011 with photos and info on my scrimshaw art and custom cigar cutters and jewelry.

11 Responses

  1. Cisco

    Hats off to the Tampa Humidor & Oliva extended family for hosting a great event at Tampa Humidor Saturday. If you missed it you missed a great time. I was the lucky recipient of the first event drawing custom made cutter and I must say “Hutch” it is a heck of a cutter and an item I will brag about for many years to come. Fine piece of work. Good luck to all of you as the event unfolds and see everyone in November upon your return.

  2. Vince

    Great event at Tobacco Depot in Tampa last night! Fadi and Bryan are great promoters for the Cain brand, and I enjoyed talking to them both. I was fortunate to win the prized custom cutter, and hope it doesn’t keep me from winning the ‘Vette! Hope to see you guys again this year!

    1. Pinder

      i’m going to guess i’m going to guess that you aren’t an avid cigar smoker and aren’t loinokg to spend upwards of three hundred dollars on a himidor. the best way to temporarily keep cigars is with a humidifier bag or water pouch typ device which you place in a plastic bag to humidify cigars and keep them around 70% humidity.

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    1. robbie

      BryanI was hoping smneooe would start making video’s on the Xikar HC line. The 3-4 shapes that they have made are quickly becoming some of my favorite smokes with it’s sweet tobacco palate. It’s the kind of cigar that you know will give great results every time one it lit. Thanks again for making the great review.Thomas

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