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Cain F Lancero: #1 Favorite “Tubos” Brand

Cain F Lancero is the number 1 Favorite “Tubos” Brand. CS_MayJune2013_CainF
CAIN F Lancero

Outdoor Smokes

Cigar companies package some of their most popular brands in tubes in order to offer smokers easy grab-and-go options.
Be it golfing, fishing, camping, or just about any reasonable outdoor activity, the tube is a perfect solution when you’re heading out for a day in the elements. Below are some of our favorite “tubos”… Don’t be a smartass; It won’t help if you’re going snorkeling!


Nicaragua (Lancero)
A beautifully constructed cigar with a powerful but balanced profile and a rich aroma. Its super smooth strength will fool you into thinking it’s a milder cigar, but wait till you stand up! The Cain F Lancero Tubo is the perfect end-of-day, campfire cigar.

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